market kitchen


The gastronomy of Aragon retains its own identity, traditionally it has been provided in the markets of supplies where the products of the land abound, which has marked its hallmarks, interior cuisine in which a careful selection of the raw materials prevails based on local products and an exquisite preparation.

The cuisine of the Cobarcho Restaurant is based mainly on traditional recipes from Alto Aragón, in which we maintain the essence; the quality of the product and a careful preparation in the kitchen with the ultimate goal of delighting our customers with traditional dishes in which to display the attractive range of sensations, colors, aromas and tastes characteristic of high Aragonese cuisine. Our menu incorporates unmistakable symbols such as cod, chilindrón chicken, ternasco, venison, steak, migas and of course the wine, without forgetting dishes from other regions and new proposals.



The gastronomic wealth of the Pyrenees makes it a real pleasure to sit at the table to taste the authentic mountain dishes. The Pyrenean cuisine knows how to take full advantage of the products of the land, combining them with an ancestral wisdom that manages to surprise the most demanding diners.

The gastronomy of Alto Aragón is linked to the products it produces, throughout history ours has been land of orchards, fields of wheat, olive and almond trees; our fields graze sheep and cows, hunting is also abundant (hare, rabbit, or partridge), while in the houses chickens and ducks have been raised, not forgetting the cured sausages from the slaughter of the pig.

In our restaurant you can find typical products of Alto Aragón cuisine with which to delight your palate, from the classic Ternasco de Aragón to a wide variety of grilled meats cooked in our wood oven, stews, crumbs, fish, etc. all impregnated of the typical flavors of the earth.

our chef

Francisco Javier Guiu Benito

Our chef Javier stands out for his knowledge in signature cuisine, traditional cuisine and Basque cuisine, but his true passion is grilled cuisine.

He trained from an early age in important hotels and restaurants in Zaragoza before making the leap to the Pyrenees where I stand out in several kitchens before calling our attention and taking over the kitchen of the Hotel Oroel, in Jaca. He highlighted by introducing a very high quality level in banquets and introducing a fusion of signature and traditional cuisine.

From the winter season 2019 it is done with the challenge of improving the cuisine of Restaurante Cobarcho, maintaining the level of quality in our dishes and introducing new ones that will undoubtedly excite our customers.

Tireless taster of flavors and in love with seasonal ingredients. Be sure to try the seasonal suggestions.

“The gastronomic concept of the Cobarcho Restaurant that we want to give to our guests in this new stage will remain faithful to tradition and origins, preserving our traditional recipes, not to lose the roots, nor the wisdom of Aragonese cuisine. Of course the wood oven and our grill will continue to be the main protagonists.

We also include new proposals in our menu, such as the miniature kitchen, with the aim of surprising our customers and allowing them to enjoy new flavors in what we would define as a kitchen of quality product and market. ”