In the new Cobarcho we have recovered tapas and rations as an essential part of our cuisine, condensing into a miniature all the flavor and philosophy of Aragon gastronomy. Eat in the Cobarcho allows us to discover the flavors of traditional Aragon in a quiet tour, in good company, step by step, sip by sip and bite by bite.

brief history of


According to the legend Fernando II of Aragon, traveling along with his entourage through Andalusia, he decided to stop at a tavern he found along the way. It is said that the establishment was full of dust and dirt, when the king ordered his drink, the tavern owner placed a slice of ham (or cheese according to the versions) on his glass to prevent dirt from entering, spitting out a phrase “here is your top, majesty. ” It is said that since then, the King whenever he went to an establishment wanted a flat of wine with something to eat, this is how this world-famous fashion began, which began as a natural cover to protect wine.

Some claim that this act has a plebeian origin away from the legends of royalty focuses on the need for farmers and workers of other guilds to ingest a small food with wine during their workday, to allow them to continue with their labors until the time of the meal.

we wait for you with a selection


In our menu always in continuous evolution you will find a selection of tapas and rations based on the traditional recipes of our land, reinvented in form, size and presentation with the best quality and product. The result is small bites full of illusion.

Among the most outstanding tapas is Jamón con Chorreras (Batter of egg, cheese and ham) with the traditional recipe of Casa Juanico (Zaragoza), a simple and delicious recipe that turns 50 years old in 2018. It consists of a hard egg wrapped in a cheese and a slice of sweet ham, a whole which is coated with a simple dough made with water, flour, salt and some yeast. After frying it in hot oil, there is nothing left to enjoy it.

You can also delight with other classics such as a juicy cod omelet, exquisite torreznos, grilled artichokes or a pan of high-Aragonese crumbs with their fried eggs. All prepared with care and love to feed stomachs, souls and hearts.