the kitchen


The cuisine of the Cobarcho Restaurant is based mainly on traditional recipes from Alto Aragón, in which we maintain the essence; the quality of the product and a careful preparation in the kitchen with the ultimate goal of delighting our customers with traditional dishes in which to display the attractive range of sensations, colors, fragrances and tastes characteristic of alto aragonese cuisine. Our menu incorporates unmistakable symbols such as cod, chilindrón chicken, young lamb, venison, grill steak, “migas” and of course wine, without forgetting dishes from other regions and new proposals.

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wood oven and grill


The base of the gastronomic offer of the Cobarcho is still the oven and the charcoal of firewood, which gives that flavor so characteristic to food, enhancing the natural flavor of the meat and extracting the true and authentic flavor to each piece, making unnecessary the use of sauces and seasonings to enjoy the best flavor.

The meat cooked with charcoal is the most appreciated traditional elaboration of Alto Aragón and it tastes much better for many reasons.

new proposal for


In the new Cobarcho we have recovered tapas and rations as an essential part of our cuisine, condensing into a miniature all the flavor and philosophy of Aragon gastronomy.

Eat in the Cobarcho allows us to discover the flavors of traditional Aragon in a quiet tour, in good company, step by step, sip by sip and bite by bite.

we have renovated


In this new stage we have completely renovated the restaurant, the new decoration includes the opening of large windows, which give the rooms a pleasant natural light, more life and a greater sense of spaciousness, helping to leave behind the cave image that it originally gave the name to the restaurant, since Cobarcho is a way of saying “big cave” in our traditional language, the Aragonese.

know the history of


The Cobarcho opened its doors on August 3, 1978, after Jesus and Laura, very young at the time but very enterprising, channeled their desire to work and their vitality in a picnic with eight tables and a bar.

After the first five years, the first reform was undertaken. The dining room and the range of services offered were extended.

In 1995 a second reform was made, resulting in a restaurant with a capacity of 150 diners.